myStandards GmbH

The company

myStandards GmbH was founded in October 2018 by Christina Wittke and Simon Nordstad. It is located in Kiel's Innovation and Technology Center. Both office and laboratory spaces are situated here. Even the first employees can be encountered.

As managing partner Christina Wittke is responsible for finances and marketing. Simon Nordstad, co-managing partner, is in charge of production and method development. Lena Nolte, as the company's first employee is tasked with quality assurance and analytics.

In July of 2017 the co-founders received the EXIST Founders Grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the European Social Fund in Germany. This facillitated the business model development, enabled contact to important pilot partners and set the course towards incorporating a company.

Early investments could be made thanks to the "Seed- and StartUp Fonds" of Schleswig-Holstein (German State). The silent partnership of the "Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein" allowed the myStandards GmbH to attend many conferences and exhibitions.

Since, the company's business model has been nominated among the Top 10 within the Science4Life Venture Cup, won 3rd prize at the "Überflieger" (high-flyer) competition, involved a visit to silicon valley. Further, the company is a member of DIN e.V. (German Institute for Standardization) and actively working within the working group "reference materials".

The employment of Lena Stölting is supported by the "Innovation Assistant", a program of the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein.

Support of two innovationassistants

The myStandards GmbH is supported by the "state programme Economy" with funds from the European Regional Develpment Fund (ERDF)” for regional development, the German government and the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Within the confines of the funding the following project is being realised.

Implementation of a quality management system (QMS) By actively shaping the certification process, the manufacturing of microanalytical reference materials, our nano-pellets, in accordance with international norms and guidelines shall be enabled.

This entails establishing instructing protocols with our partners, involving the choice of analytical methods and number of participating laboratories.

Also the entire internal process needs to be continuously audited and re-evaluated. Therefore, the innovation assistant is tasked with developing and implementing a QMS.

Development of microanalytical polymer reference materials By actively shaping the production process, the production of our own microanalytical reference materials, our nano pellets, for polymer analysis should be made possible. In order to make the analysis of plastic packaging of e.g. food safer, an alternative to dangerous acid digestion analysis methods is needed. The development of ultrahomogeneous microanalytical reference materials can make these obsolete and in the future enable analysis directly on solids. We are thus addressing the worldwide shortage of certified polymer reference materials for solid analysis, in the course of which the internal quality assurance process is to be adapted to polymers.


Team members

Christina Wittke
Christina Wittke
CEO & Founder - Management & Marketing
Simon Nordstad
Simon Nordstad
CEO & Founder - Method Development & Production
Kjelt Wiechers
Kjelt Wiechers
Application Assistant