Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions and answers to and from myStandards are listed below.


What sort of reference material do you produce?

We produce nano particulate pressed powder pellets. Either made from pre-existing certified reference materials (CRM/RM), naturally occurring minerals or your own project-specific material.

How do you process the original powder purchased from the manufacturer?

The powder is subjected to our own material-specific milling protocol and pressed without any binders using a programmable hydraulic press. Therefore, the original manufacturer is not liable for any issues occurring from the use of this material since they took no part in the manufacturing of the pellets.

Are you ISO accredited and or do you follow ISO guidelines during production?

No, we are not ISO accredited, we do however closely follow the appropriate guidelines during production.

What do I do if I encounter an issue with a nano-pellet?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime about anything, we are here to help. Any feedback is good feedback.

What is the “NP” added to the name of the reference materials?

The “NP” signifies, that it is a nano-pellet made from the original material.

Are the nano-pellets certified reference materials?

They are produced in two ways. One way is milling already certified powders or reference material powders and pressing them. The other involves processing a large amount of a given material and certifying the powder.

How soon can I receive the nano-pellets?

If they are in stock it depends on your desired shipping method. We have the ability to send it with DHL Express, which can result in delivery times as short as 2-3 business days. Otherwise it depends on the time needed for the development or production.

What is GeoReM and what are the preferred values?

GeoReM is a database for geological and environmental reference materials maintained by the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, Germany. The preferred values are only available for small selection of widely used, well characterized reference materials. They represent a statistically evaluated compilation of uploaded data, as well as data from primary methods such as ID-TIMS.


What kind of binder do you use?

We do not use any kind of binder. The white ring which can be seen around the nano-pellet is merely a fortification. It is not mixed with the powder in any way.

Are the pellets available in different sizes?

All pellets are available in 10, 13, 20 and 32 mm diameter.

For which analytical methods are the pellets suitable?

So far the pellets have been successfully analysed using LA-ICP-MS, LIBS, (µ)-XRF, EPMA, SIMS and PIXE.

Are the nano-pellets polishable?

We would nor recommend polishing the nano-pellets conventionally. They are made from powder therefore contain a small degree of porosity. The polishing liquids/additives can flow into the pores and contaminate the surface as well as compromise its integrity. We are currently investigating techniques to allow the refurbishing of the surface.

Will the nano-pellets fit my sample mount?

We can try to make custom mount adapters of different materials and in different sizes, suitable for your needs.

How to store the nanoparticulate pressed powder tablets?

Nano particles are in general reactive materials. Storing instructions depend on the specific substance, but it is generally advised to put them in a desiccator.