Advanced applications for quality assurance at myStandards.
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Tom Ole (CIO of myStandards) worked on an optimal approach for quality assurance as part of his bachelor's thesis, which has now been finalized.

Quality is a self-evident standard for us, which we want to maintain through innovation within our processes. Within the scope of his bachelor-thesis, our CIO Tom Ole worked with the myStandards team to find the best possible approach for quality analysis, which has now been completed. During the extremely sensitive production of our nanopellets, undesirable effects such as cracks and foreign body inclusions can occur. Some of these can only be identified under a microscope in the subsequent manual quality control - to ensure that only absolutely flawless tablets are delivered to our customers, the microscopic inspection has been largely automated. For this purpose, a specially designed positioning table moves a microscope over the Nano-Pellets and generates high-definition images, which are then combined and analyzed using image processing methods. The result is a fast and cost-efficient inspection, so that no defective reference materials leave the production facility and the quality is precisely checked.

Construction drawing of the positioning table.
(by Tom Ole)
Construction drawing of the positioning table. (by Tom Ole)