North German Nanotechnology Initiative Schleswig-Holstein e.V. Newsletter
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Article in the newsletter of the North German Nanotechnology Initiative SH.

Tailor-made microanalytics from Kiel

Revolution in solids analysis - that is the motto of myStandards GmbH in Kiel. The company produces nanoparticulate tablets for chemical microanalysis.

"In recent years, microanalytical techniques for solid analysis have improved enormously and have produced a large variety of very powerful instruments. However, the development of suitable reference materials that are sufficiently homogeneous for microanalysis and thus enable the ISO-compliant validation of analytical results has been a problem so far. With its "nanopellets" of rocks and minerals, the start-up myStandards now solves this problem. Using a new, patent-pending process, a wide variety of geological materials can be ground to the finest powder and pressed into pellets. The special feature of this method is the size of the particles of less than one micrometer, which ensures uniform distribution of all chemical components throughout the sample. In addition, pressing without binder is possible. The result is high-purity, ultrahomogeneous reference materials. These are used, for example, in mining or in climate research. Instead of a complex acid digestion, it is now possible to carry out in-situ measurements on rocks using a laser and to evaluate these not only qualitatively but also quantitatively. The founders Christina Wittke and Simon Nordstad see another advantage in the universally usable method: It enables the production of individual reference materials. The two of them founded the company in October last year after a previous Exist project and are currently setting up their own laboratory in the Kiel Innovation and Technology Centre".

About NINa SH e.V.

The aim of the North German Nanotechnology Initiative Schleswig-Holstein e.V., NINa SH e.V. for short, is to promote science and research, particularly in the field of nanotechnology and related technology areas in Schleswig-Holstein, by networking the players in Schleswig-Holstein with the players from all northern federal states and the Baltic Sea states.

NINa SH e.V. was founded in August 2013. It continues the activities of the North German Nanomaterials Initiative (NINa), which was supported by the Schleswig-Holstein Innovation Foundation (ISH). With the dissolution of the ISH, the foundation of the association was the obvious thing to do, which ensures a long-term continuation of the work of NINa and creates the possibility to extend the activities to the entire field of nanotechnology and to all North German federal states as well as to the Baltic Sea region.

Within the framework of NINa SH e.V., scientific working groups, companies, politicians and associations regularly exchange their latest findings and experiences, make contacts and jointly develop innovative ideas and strategies in the field of nanotechnology.

Furthermore, one of the association's goals is to establish a supraregional competence network between nanotechnology players from all northern federal states and the Baltic Sea states.