Presentation of our new product tags
Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Today we present you our new product tags.

As you may have noticed, we have added product tags to our nano-pellets and are introducing three new classifications:

  1. CRM: Certified Reference Material

  2. RCM: Recharacterized Material

  3. PCM: Processed Material

These product tags should help you to find the right pellet on our site even faster. The option to filter by size and method remains.

What do the new tags mean in detail?

Most of the materials we currently have in our portfolio are processed materials - PCM. Materials from this category are purchased reference material powders, which we process using our innovative technology. During the process, the powder is subjected to our own material-specific milling protocol and pressed into pellets without any binders using a programmable hydraulic press. All information about the data and the original manufacturer can be found in the respective product information sheet.

Recharacterized materials - RCM undergo the same process as processed materials. The difference is that we add an analytical step in which the nano-powders are analyzed in competent laboratories using various methods. Information on the results can also be found in the product information sheets.

The third category identifies the certified reference materials – CRM. This tag is only given to products that are produced by us in accordance with the standard ISO 17034, meaning the nano-pellets are tested for homogeneity and stability, and the nano-powder is characterized in competent laboratories. In contrast to the basic properties of a simple reference material, the requirements for a certified reference material are more stringent, this is made clear by the definition of ISO.

Feel free to browse through our product overview!