Women Inspire StartUp Talk
Monday, October 28, 2019

Christina Wittke is a speaker at the fourth #WomenINspire Talk in Lübeck.


WINspire stands for Women Inspire and serves to provide a forum and a platform for the many female founders and entrepreneurs, but also for interested young women in this country, to get to know each other and their business. to the world. We are pleased about active participation and perhaps a lively dialogue between speakers and public.

07.11.2019, FROM 18H TO APPROX. 22 O'CLOCK

Christina Wittke was one of 3 finalists at this year's IB.SH Newcommer-Unternehmerinnenpreis and will report to us how it came to the fact that she is no longer an employee in a driving school, but founder and managing director of MyStandards GmbH. She will give us insights into the special features of scientific spin-offs and answer the question which challenges the business economist meets in her daily working environment. Personal impressions and prejudices she has encountered about starting a business as a woman or being a leader. About big, seemingly insurmountable barriers that you see in front of you, or that you raise in front of yourself. She will gladly and honestly answer any questions that come to your mind!

Christina Wittke talking at WomenINspire in Lübeck
Christina Wittke talking at WomenINspire in Lübeck

As hosts for the fourth #WINspire StartUp Talk, we were again able to win two inspiring women.

Dr. Dagmar Täube is an art historian and director of the St. Annen Museum, the Museum im Holstentor and the Museumskirche St. Katharinen in Lübeck. She will tell us why she is always fascinated by the versatility and interplay between high-ranking art and exciting people. She sees art as a mirror of life that tells us a lot about our own roots and identity.

Dr. Antje-Britt Mählmann is an art historian and curator at the Kunsthalle St. Annen. She is also a co-founder of the Verein der Jungen Freunde der Kunstmuseen Lübeck. She will introduce the association and tell us why young people deal differently with communication, art and culture and how this association supports the Lübeck museums.

Mission Lübeck accomplished it was again in the late evening of 07.11.2019, when the #WINspire StartupTalk in the AnnenMuseum Lübeck was over. Christina Wittke, also a finalist of the IB.SH female entrepreneur award, shared her startup journey with about 30 guests. It was important to her not only to talk about the much-cited ups, but also to show through the open approach to the downs that start-up is sometimes a roller coaster of emotions. We were touched by their honesty and inspired by their enthusiasm. Those who listen to Christina know that she puts all her energy into the realisation of mystandards GmbH. It also became clear in her presentation how important the work of our project partner Biomedtech GmbH is. Biomedtech GmbH is responsible for the development of a concept for participation management by universities in spin-offs. Anna Lena Paape is working hard on this and is also our accomplice in the #WINspire Mission Lübeck series.

Many thanks to Anna-Lena, Janin, Claudia and Sandra, who continue to communicate this event series together with the IHK Lübeck.