Another manganese nodule Nano-Pellet and further sets

We complement our existing manganese nodules Nano-Pellets NOD-A1-NP and NOD-P1-NP with another manganese nodules Nano-Pellet: FeMn-1-NP! Manganese nodules are of scientific as well as industrial interest due to their high content of critical metals.

The importance of manganese nodules for science and industry

Manganese nodules have been of both scientific and industrial interest due to their high content of critical metals (i.e. Co, Ni, Zn, Cr, Cu, Pb). The geochemistry of trace metals is key to understanding how the Earth works. Many trace metals are present in extremely small amounts in seawater but reach easily measurable concentrations in manganese nodules. Therefore, manganese nodules are used extensively to study the historical evolution of the Earth-ocean system.  In the Baltic Sea region, for example, this is used to measure the pollution of the sea with heavy metals.

The dawn of new microanalytical techniques such as µXRF, LIBS and LA-ICP-MS has opened the possibilities of analysing these samples quantitatively and also visualising the elemental distribution in situ without tedious sample preparation. However, matrix-matched standards with a grain size in the nm-range and a high homogeneity are still scarce. This is where our new manganese nodule Nano-Pellet FeMn-1-NP is perfectly suited.

Two additional sets in our product portfolio

We have put together two new sets with our new Manganese nodule Nano-Pellet. Firstly, the 3-piece Manganese Nodule Set, consisting of the three 10 mm Nano-Pellets NOD-A1-NP, NOD-P1-NP and FeMn-1-NP, encased in our tried and tested 1-inch aluminium mount. As a second set we have an Iron Manganese Ore Set with six 10 mm Nano-Pellets in our aluminium mount in geological thin section format. It consists of the three manganese nodule pellets NOD-A1-NP, NOD-P1-NP and FeMn-1-NP as well as the three iron ores IF-G-NP, MAKR-NP and HMIE-NP.

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