Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions and answers to and from myStandards are listed below.


We produce nano particulate pressed powder pellets. Either made from pre-existing certified reference materials, naturally occurring minerals or your own project-specific material.

We are not ISO accredited yet, but we are on the way to it and already follow the appropriate guidelines very closely during production.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime about anything, we are here to help. Any feedback is good feedback.

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The “NP” signifies, that it is a Nano-Pellet made from the original material.

PCM means Processed Material, RCM means Recharacterized Material and CRM means Certified Reference Material. You can find more details in our article presentation of our new product classifications.

The 10 mm sized Nano-Pellets belong to our range of certified reference materials (CRM). In order to be compliant with ISO 17034, the units must be in their final form, which in our case is the pressed Nano-Pellet. These Nano-Pellets then need to be subjected to homogeneity and stability tests. A working example of our certification procedure and an example of our data evaluation for Apatite-NP can be downloaded here. The certification report can be downloaded for each CRM on the respective product page. 

Download Certification Report Download Data Evaluation Example

If you want to change or cancel an order contact us as soon as possible and we will find a solution. The possibility of change or cancellation depends on how far we are already in the manufacturing process.

The commodity code for the Nano-Pellets is 38229000. The commodity code for the polymer mounts is 39269097 and for the aluminum mounts 76169990.

The notice refers to the missing information on the date of dispatch, the pellet serial number and, if applicable, the properties "Manufactured for" and "Size". This information is listed in the valid documents you receive with your goods. The data values on the preliminary product information sheets and certificates are final and should not change.

Our current distribution partners include: Labmix 24 GmbH in Germany, SciAps Australia Pty Ltd. and Quality Science Supplies in Australia and New Zealand, Comercial Hospitalaria Grupo 3 SL in Spain and Portugal and Shanghai Chemlab Instrument Co., Ltd. in China.


The material is subjected to our own material-specific milling protocol and pressed without any binders using a programmable hydraulic press. Therefore, the original manufacturer of the material is not liable for any issues occurring from the use of this material since they took no part in the manufacturing of the Nano-Pellets.

We do not use any kind of binder. The white ring which can be seen around the Nano-Pellet is merely a fortification. It is not mixed with the powder in any way.

The Nano-Pellets are cylindrical and available in outer diameters of 32, 20, 13 and 10 mm. Due to the reinforcing ring around the reference material, the diameter of the pure material is smaller. The inner diameters of the sample surface are 28, 14, 9 and 6 mm, respectively.

GeoReM is a database for geological and environmental reference materials maintained by the Max-Planck-Institute in Mainz, Germany. The preferred values are only available for small selection of widely used, well characterized reference materials. They represent a statistically evaluated compilation of uploaded data, as well as data from primary methods such as ID-TIMS.

So far the Nano-Pellets have been successfully analysed using LA-ICP-MS, LIBS, µXRF and XRF. The EPMA and SIMS methods are currently still being tested.

We would not recommend polishing the Nano-Pellets conventionally. They are made from powder therefore contain a small degree of porosity. The polishing liquids/additives can flow into the pores and contaminate the surface as well as compromise its integrity. If the surface of the Nano-Pellets is polished or abraded, the certificate loses its validity.

The Nano-Pellets are cylindrical and available in different diameters of 32, 20, 13 or 10 mm. Furthermore, we regularly develop new mounts and have the possibility to develop and manufacture individual mounts for your needs. You can find our current mounts here. If you need an individual mount please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nanoparticles from which the Nano-Pellets were made are generally reactive. Storing instructions depend on the specific substance, but it is generally advised to put them in a desiccator.


We ship our products worldwide but we can not ship to private adresses. We normally ship with UPS Express Saver

The Nano-Pellets are shipped shrink-wrapped together with silica gel and well-padded in a small carton. By default we ship via UPS Express Saver. Please contact us if this does not work for you.

The delivery time depends on some factors. If the ordered Nano-Pellets are in stock, the delivery time is one week on average. If it is a customized order or the production is busy at the time of the order, it can take up to four weeks. If you need a product urgently, please contact us and we will find a solution.

For an average order, the cost of shipping is between 25 - 125 € depending on the destination country. For larger and time sensitive orders the cost may be higher. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a quotation including shipping costs.

After your order has left our facility, you will get a notification by mail and you can track the shipment in your account under "Orders".

Payment information

Our standard payment methods are bank transfers and credit card payments. For credit card payments we work with Mollie For new customers, we only work with advance payment. After a successfully completed order, you also activate payment on invoice in your customer account. If this procedure is problematic for you, please contact us and we will find a solution.

Normally we provide our offers and invoices in EUR. If you would like us to process your order in a different currency, please contact us.

International shipping usually incurs import duties and tax charges to the respective country. The customer or the importer himself is responsible for these duties. You can get more detailed information about these duties at your local customs office.

Yes, our current limit for credit card payments is 3,500 €. If your order exceeds this amount and you would like to pay by credit card, please contact us.