SciAps specializes in portable analytical instruments and is the manufacturer of the Z-Series LIBS Analyzers, which can be used to measure various elements across every major industry. Here you will find a selection of follow-up products, which we have assembled together.

Discover our sets

The sets are ideal follow-up products for your analytical instrument or can also be purchased as additional add-ons to the Z-Series LIBS Analyzers.

SciAps LIBS GeoChem (Lithium) Drift Correction - How To Video with pressed Pellets from myStandard

Buy products individually

If you only want to reorder a few materials or expand your sets, you can put together your own individual shopping cart.

Find more pressed Pellets

In addition to the pressed pellets from our sets, you will also find many other pellets made from other materials. Or contact us and ask for your own customized reference material.