Paleoclimate Set small


Product number: SE-1000356
Product information "Paleoclimate Set small"
This set containes the two marine carbonates CRMS-NP (CRM) and NFHS-2-NP (RCM) as well as the terrestrial carbonate SPLT-NP (CRM) enabling researchers to cover both aspects of paleoclimate research. The set comes in an 1-inch aircraft-grade CNC-milled 7075 aluminium mount.
Assigned values: Trace elements, 87Sr/86Sr ratio, Major elements
Category: Carbonates
Related Nano-Pellets: CRMS-NP, NFHS-2-NP, SPLT-NP

Processed Material - PCM

Most of the materials we currently have in our portfolio are processed materials - PCM. Materials from this category are purchased reference material powders, which we process using our innovative technology. During the process, the powder is subjected to our own material-specific milling protocol and pressed into pellets without any binders using a programmable hydraulic press. All information about the data and the original manufacturer can be found in the respective product information sheet.

Recharacterized Material - RCM

Recharacterized materials - RCM undergo the same process as processed materials. The difference is that we add an analytical step in which the nano-powders are analyzed in competent laboratories using various methods. Information on the results can also be found in the product information sheets.

Certified Reference Material - CRM

The third category identifies the certified reference materials – CRM. This tag is only given to products that are produced by us in accordance with the standard ISO 17034, meaning the nano-pellets are tested for homogeneity and stability, and the nano-powder is characterized in competent laboratories. In contrast to the basic properties of a simple reference material, the requirements for a certified reference material are more stringent, this is made clear by the definition of ISO.

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